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UNTITLED SEBASTIAN RICH PROJECT - feature length documentary

Highlighting the life and career of conflict photographer Sebastian Rich.

APARTMENT STORY - short film

The quiet euphoria and melancholy of connection inside of a new apartment.

co-written with Daniel Ott

CONSCRIPTED - short film

Link to proof of concept available upon request​

A war breaks out on American soil, causing a modern day draft. 

Participant in Film Independent's 2017-2018 Incubator Lab​

GOLDEN AGE- short film

Two strangers prepare for un upcoming class presentation

DENNIS - short film

Max, Riley, and Kim reunite for the first time since the death of Kim's father.  Unsure of how to go about the reunion, we follow Max as she attempts to help Kim cope with her new and devastating reality while trying to grasp reality herself. 

BARE BONES- short film

Jake Skylar's life was turned upside down when her intoxicated sister, Cassie, caused an accident that put Jake's best friend in a coma. When Cassie unexpectedly returns home a year later, Jake is forced to face reality.

NOTE TO SELF - short film

A girl's inner monologue regarding the dresses hanging in her room. 

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