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My name is Sara Rose. 

I'm a queer writer and filmmaker with a zeal for documentaries and honest scripted story telling. I'm drawn to tales that explore human (dis)connection as well as narratives encompassing our relationships with the natural world, our detachment from it, and how we as humans can find a way back to it. 

My days are often spent on studio lots and shuffling around the greater Los Angeles area working in TV production. I currently assist the Head of Production at Ryan Murphy Productions, and previously wrote for and script coordinated an upcoming project at the Jim Henson Company. I've been fortunate enough to work extensively for networks such as Apple Tv+, ABC, Paramount, Facebook Watch, Animal Planet, Discovery, and Nat Geo Wild.

I often spend my production hiatuses car camping throughout the southwest, and couch surfing different pockets of New York. My down time is dedicated to hiking, a sad attempt at urban gardening, and film photography when my cat allows my attention to be elsewhere.

I've been fortunate to call "home" many places, but I feel most grounded cozied in places where the mountains meet the desert and the desert meets the beach and the beach meets the mountains. 

I love to travel and choose to document some of it here. A budding photojournalist, I'm getting the hang of my photography, both digital and analog.

Like all artists, I'm still learning and growing. This site is a place to expose myself as a work in progress. That said, this site too is a work in progress. Thanks for joining me on this trek. 

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