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reflections on the people we lose and the places they take with them 


CONSCRIPTED - hour long tv pilot

a war breaks out on American soil, causing a modern day draft. 

Participant in Film Independent's 2017-2018 Incubator Lab

Best TV Pilot Finalist - Film Outside the Frame

APARTMENT STORY - short film

the quiet euphoria and melancholy of connection inside of a new apartment.

co-written with Daniel Ott

FUCK YOU, LOCKHART - half hour tv pilot

​After the death of her father and longtime teacher of her high school’s film program, Roxanne enters her senior year to find Mr. Lockhart has taken his place. Though beloved by all, Roxanne suspects unethical motives in his new position of power, and sets out to expose him for who he really is.

TIMES SCARE - half hour tv pilot

a workplace dramedy about a year-round haunted house in the middle of Times Square

BURNT - short film

In the summer of 1991, eighteen-year-old Riley is forced to live with her new abusive step-brother. She struggles to escape him, sacrificing her own sanity along the way. 

GOLDEN AGE - short film

two strangers prepare for an upcoming class presentation

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