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seized to the zephyr

I'm always ready to go, but never ready to leave.

I find myself in the exact place

I've always wanted to be,

only to be triggered

a sudden despair clocking my ribcage

It creeps up from the same holding places

as the melancholic nights

where the chest grows heavy

and I wonder if I've ever truly

learned how to breathe

Breathing beyond the

involuntary necessity

I want to breathe as the ocean

calls for it's shore

As the red-tailed hawk

skims my mother's lemon grove

rows of saturated citrus

I want to breathe in unison

But the sigh of the leaves

seized to the zephyr

are convoluted by the literature of man

I fear illiteracy

of my favorite passage

one stripped by others

despite the voices,



and pleas

to leave it be


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